Make a poem using the words rain, snow, sleet, and hail.?

Please make one that YOU made up. I would prefer if the poem was dark or if it was something peaceful, but anything is fine.


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During the dog days, lazy bumblebee months,

There was only the butter yellow sun, pounding, melting us.

Now all that remains is the swish and flicker of the rain, paving empty sidewalks,

Below a misty fog of silver sleet,

And cold hail, beating the metal sheets of blackened city streets.

Wet and cold descending upon our sunbaked skin.

Oct 25 at 15:3

why me? why not you?

try it. poetry can be educating- to yourself at least.

Oct 25 at 18:49

I make it rain on them hoes

I make it snow on them hoes

I make it sleet on them hoes

I make it hail on them hoes

Oct 25 at 22:58

yall r idiots

Oct 26 at 3:30

rain or shine every thing will be fine! snow,sleet,or hail no test or nothing will be failed pAIN OR SORROW THERE'S ALWAYS A TOMMOROW ..... ! :) #

Oct 26 at 8:26

rain is sad so is the snow but shine is better than hail of yours sky so make it shine dont let it sleet because your nice and make it shine

Oct 26 at 13:44

no your a idoit cant you make a poem it only takes 5 minutes of your life

Oct 26 at 19:25

i thought it was okay but at least a little more words to go with the poem u could've had a title to go with the poem if you wanted to publish it to the world so everybody could read the poem who ever wrote this poem

Oct 27 at 1:30