What height is considered short for a female?

Some people think 5'5 is short.


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5'0" tall is short, very petite. I know a lot of men that like women of this height actually!

May 30 at 21:56

Wtf so you're saying if i was 5'5...I'd be considered a f'ing midget?!?!

Im 5'6...What would happen if a ball hit me at the top of the head and i shrunk 1 foot ?!?

I'd be a mino person ?!?!

Screw the people who think that!

May 31 at 1:42

Under 4'9 for me is short

I'm 5' though

May 31 at 5:51

nope! less than 5feet!

i am 4'11" tall! xD my tomboy girlfriend's 5'3" tall haha... =D

May 31 at 10:24

Id say below 5'4 which is average in the US. Im 5'7, tall would be 5'8 or above

May 31 at 15:19

depending on their age... i'm thirteen and 5'5..

May 31 at 20:37

5feet5 is average...real short would be 5feet or maybe 4feetsomething...

Jun 1 at 2:18

I always thought it depended on the age.

im 5'2 and i am called short so 5'6 is when your tall i guess =]

Jun 1 at 8:23